Update of Redditch Walks website

I have completely redesigned the Redditch Walks website, as part of my www.exploreredditch.org.uk websites, to give an improved usability and make it more suitable for small screen applications such as smart phones.
To simplify the site, I have decided to concentrate on the five walks starting at the town centre and the three walks covering the Arrow Valley park area.
For the moment the relevant walks have not been updated and some are seriously out of date since they were produced in 2010. However, I am currently working on these in a new format and design and they will be available soon and, at least, during 2018.
Walks other than the town and Arrow Valley walks which I have produced will not be updated but will still be available for download in the ‘Resources’ section. These may be out of date and are provided on an ‘as-is’ basis
I have also included the four walks produced by the Redditch Development Corporation in the 1970s in their original format and four walks around the Arrow Valley Park produced by the RDC. These are available in the ‘Resources’ section and, again, provided on an ‘as-is’ basis.
The updates to my Town (5 walks) and Arrow Valley (3 walks) will be announced in my Explore Redditch ‘blog’ when I have made significant revisions.
This is the last of my four ‘Explore Redditch’ (www.exploreredditch.org.uk) websites to be updated.
The other websites are www.redditchhistory.org.uk, www.visitredditch.org.uk, and www.alcadhistory.org.uk.
The updated Redditch Walks website can be found at www.redditchwalks.org.uk.

James Keir (1735-1820)

James Keir (1735-1820) Industrial Pioneer and Lunar Man
Among the ‘Forgotten’ players of the Industrial Revolution in the West Midlands stands James Keir. Keir was a fascinating figure – A true Renaissance man – much of whose life remains undiscovered. Today he is primarily remembered as a chemist and industrialist, but Keir was also a pioneering author, translator, geologist, metallurgist and army captain.
Researcher Kristen Schranz describes how after working at Soho Manufactory with Boulton and Watt, Keir developed the Tipton Chemical Works and the Tividale Colliery.
Read more about this industrial pioneer and innovative thinker at https://www.historywm.com/articles/james-keir-1735-1820-a-renaissance-man-of-the-industrial-revolution