Exhibition at Forge Mill Needle Museum Gallery – ‘The River Arrow flowing through Redditch History’

The last exhibition for 2018 at Forge Mill Needle Museum Gallery is entitled ‘History that flows through the River Arrow’ and runs from Wednesday 24th October until Sunday 25th November.
This Redditch Local History Society exhibition is based on the talk I gave at the RLHS meeting in August this year concerning the history of this little river and its importance to the history of the town.
Using photographs, maps, drawings and other artefacts it describes the history of the River Arrow since it came into existence at the time of the last ice age nearly 12,000 years ago.
Over the following millennia, it has seen early man, the Roman invasion, the great Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, the Norman Conquest, the expansion of monasteries, the Industrial Revolution, the urbanisation of the population and the development of the modern ‘New Towns’.
The exhibition includes an original tapestry produced by Redditch Recorded in Art Group (RRTAG) and is entitled ‘’Remembered in Thread’.
I have also taken the opportunity to update my three Arrow Valley walks to a new format which you can find at http://www.redditchwalks.org.uk/
Details of opening times and entry costs can be found at the Forge Mill Needle Museum web site. http://www.forgemill.org.uk/