Nickel-Cadmium vented pocket plate storage batteries.

I have been working on a document supplied to me by Jean Asher who is the daughter of W.S. Thomson who worked at ‘The Batteries’ at Hunt End and Union Street from 1938 to 1972.  He produced a manuscript ‘‘Nickel-Cadmium vented pocket plate storage batteries.’  for the publisher McGraw Hill which was never published. Jane has supplied me with a photocopy of the manuscript which I have scanned and using OCR (Optical character recognition) converted to a Word file and then to a PDF.

With plenty of time to spare as I am self-isolating, I have now finished this and it is now available as a downloadable pdf.

This is rather a specialist area and there will be only limited interest, but I think that it is important that technical information of this type should not be lost and will be available for future historians. I have added a short history of the ‘batteries’ over this period and Jane has produced a biography of her father.

It is a pdf file with bookmarks to all the major topics and is best viewed with a desktop pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader rather than a browser pdf reader.

You can download the document (pdf size 6.2 MB) from the ‘extras’ page on the website.

scroll down to the bottom to find it.