New ‘Flip-Book’ of NiCad Manual

I have continued to work on the document supplied to me by Jean Asher, the daughter of W.S. Thomson who worked at ‘The Batteries’ at Hunt End and Union Street from 1938 to 1972. He produced a manuscript ‘Nickel-Cadmium vented pocket plate storage batteries.’ for the publisher McGraw Hill which was never published. Jane supplied me with a photocopy of the manuscript which I have scanned and using OCR (Optical character recognition) converted to a Word file and then to a PDF.

I have now gone a step further and converted the PDF into an on-line ‘flip book’ which gives the look and feel of a ‘real’ book.

You can view this from a link on the ‘extras’ page on the website.

Please scroll down to the bottom to find it and let me know if you find that this interesting.