Redditch in the Snow – Winter 1962/63 – new book

When the snow hit Redditch, I was 19, and at the Dunlop Research Centre, near Fort Dunlop, Birmingham. Getting there was impossible, so I set out with my brother Vince to record the effect on Redditch at this time.

The winter of 1962–63, known as the Big Freeze of 1963, was one of the coldest winters on record in the United Kingdom.

Vince, at that time had a Land Rover, not a yuppie one but a real one, and we drove around the town and took photographs.

This modest book records a selection of the photographs I took with my first 35mm camera and I have added some descriptive text to give a view of the town where I grew up.

Although it is nice to wallow in nostalgia, and, despite the obvious advantages which were created by the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, a road system which was ‘fit for purpose’ and the introduction of many new businesses, it is difficult not to look back at a simpler time.

The book can be viewed at and is the third of the, currently, five books, which I am working on.