Walk around Bordesley Abbey site with Scour

I had an interesting morning on Saturday 25th May with the Scour team and artist Andrew Howe exploring the historic landscape of the Bordesley Abbey site. This one of the range of workshops organised by the Scour team which can be found at http://www.forgemill.org.uk/web/events/

An overview of the Scour project can be found at https://scourforgemill.wordpress.com/2019/04/08/scour-ii-the-museum-in-the-landscape/

We had a 2-hour gentle walk which followed generally my Arrow Valley North walk which can be found at


The participants were a nice group and it was a pleasure to explain the history of the area during the walk. The walk is only 2 miles (3 km) but we took about 2 hours to cover the terrain as the purpose was to thoroughly explore the terrain and the relationship to its history. For me, it was excellent to interact with such a motivated group.

In the afternoon they went on to make some interesting artwork and it is planned to publish a small magazine about the walk which will include these and some of the history.

There is a range of workshops organised at Forge Mill by the Scour team. Bookings can be made at http://www.forgemill.org.uk/web/contact-us/

Scour Arts Project

The Scour Arts Project is back in Redditch for 2019 with Scour II at Forge Mill Museum and the Arrow Valley Country Park!

This was previewed in the Redditch Standard at https://redditchstandard.co.uk/news/arts-council-boost-to-help-residents-rediscover-old-redditch-town/ and the Redditch Advertiser at https://www.redditchadvertiser.co.uk/news/17551777.funding-secures-family-friendly-follow-up-project/

Details can be found at https://scourforgemill.wordpress.com/2019/04/08/scour-ii-the-museum-in-the-landscape/

I am involved in the one day art work and workshop at Forge Mill on the 25th May 2019 where we explore the local landscape with a gentle 2 hour walk with myself and artist Andrew Howe followed by a workshop.

Details can be found on the poster and from the Scour website (above)

Tony Green 13th April 2019

Redditch History Society Exhibition

The Redditch Local History Society exhibition at Forge Mill Needle Museum for 2019 is entitled ‘My Redditch Memories’, and runs from Thursday 31st October to Sunday 24th November 2019.

For this ‘living history’ exhibition, the Redditch Local History Society are collecting together stories about people and events in the town from a wide range of residents.

The Redditch Advertiser has a write up at https://www.redditchadvertiser.co.uk/news/17379412.major-exhibition-launched-to-record-redditchs-history-by-redditch-local-history-society/

And more details can be found at the History Society website at http://redditchhistorysociety.org.uk/activities.htm

The image was taken by the late Philip Davis, who was for many years the Local Historian at Redditch Public Library (a post that has long since disappeared), and a stalwart supporter of the history of our town.

Bordesley Abbey

I have added a new site I have created http://www.bordesley-abbey.org.uk/ to my group of Redditch History Sites.

This is specifically designed to support the activities of the Forge Mill Needle Museum http://www.forgemill.org.uk/ from the point of view of the volunteers at the museum who are active in promoting the Abbey ruins.

Next year we are planning to have a special weekend; Bordesley Weekend’, linked to the ‘Festival of Archaeology; organised by the Council for British Archaeology http://www.archaeologyfestival.org.uk/

I am currently working on links to Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bordesley_Abbey but this is my first attempt at adding to this famous Wiki.