Redditch History Walks

I was pleased to see that the Redditch Standard had an article with a link to the Redditch Council walks page which has a link to my Explore Redditch walks site.

I have checked with ‘Site Analytics’ and in the last 30 days the site has had over 1,000 visitors, which makes the effort worthwhile and I hope that the site has proved useful in encouraging people to explore their local area.

Bordesley Abbey

I have added a new site I have created to my group of Redditch History Sites.

This is specifically designed to support the activities of the Forge Mill Needle Museum from the point of view of the volunteers at the museum who are active in promoting the Abbey ruins.

Next year we are planning to have a special weekend; Bordesley Weekend’, linked to the ‘Festival of Archaeology; organised by the Council for British Archaeology

I am currently working on links to Wikipedia at but this is my first attempt at adding to this famous Wiki.

Redditch Town Walks Update

I have now completed the update of the walks on the website with the five town walks. These are five walks covering a walk around the town centre and four walks starting at the centre and encompassing the areas to the North, South, East and West of the centre.

These can be found at and follow the new format which I used for the three Arrow Valley walks which can be found at

This completes my update to the Redditch Walks website for 2018 as part of my upgrade to my Explore Redditch suite of websites.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems and/or comments on the Redditch Walks website at

Redditch Walks Update

To coincide with the  exhibition at Forge Mill Needle Museum,  ‘The River Arrow – flowing through Redditch History’, I decided that I needed to update 3 history walks I created for the Arrow Valley Park at

I did a quick update to these walks into the new format which I have changed to but there were some problems. Particularly I created the PDF download files from a mix of A3 and A4 files. This meant that the pdf file was a bit ‘problematic’.

I have now resolved this and the download works as planned and can be printed individually as a 2-sided A4 sheet which can be folded into an A5 document. (see image)

The exhibition runs until Sunday 25th November. For details of opening times etc please visit

I am currently working on the 5 town walks which I plan to have available by the end of November.

If you find problems, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Update of Redditch Walks website

I have completely redesigned the Redditch Walks website, as part of my websites, to give an improved usability and make it more suitable for small screen applications such as smart phones.
To simplify the site, I have decided to concentrate on the five walks starting at the town centre and the three walks covering the Arrow Valley park area.
For the moment the relevant walks have not been updated and some are seriously out of date since they were produced in 2010. However, I am currently working on these in a new format and design and they will be available soon and, at least, during 2018.
Walks other than the town and Arrow Valley walks which I have produced will not be updated but will still be available for download in the ‘Resources’ section. These may be out of date and are provided on an ‘as-is’ basis
I have also included the four walks produced by the Redditch Development Corporation in the 1970s in their original format and four walks around the Arrow Valley Park produced by the RDC. These are available in the ‘Resources’ section and, again, provided on an ‘as-is’ basis.
The updates to my Town (5 walks) and Arrow Valley (3 walks) will be announced in my Explore Redditch ‘blog’ when I have made significant revisions.
This is the last of my four ‘Explore Redditch’ ( websites to be updated.
The other websites are,, and
The updated Redditch Walks website can be found at

Alcad History Website

I have now added my to the group of websites which I have updated with the new software which I am now using.

This is a complete rebuild. I have simplified the site and I have added some additional information.

This is the third of my Explore Redditch websites which I have updated and follows on from and There only remains my Redditch Walks site site which needs updating.

I have already made some modifications with the previous sites I have updated due to some odd behaviour I have found, so, as always, please let me know if you experience any difficulties so that I can make any modifications which are required.

New design for Visit Redditch website

I have now added my to the group of websites which I have updated with the new software which I am now using.

This is a complete rebuild and design which is more graphic based and has its emphasis on Redditch, rather than the surrounding area.

An advantage of this new software is that I can create a small screen version of the website at the same time as the standard.

Please let me know if you experience any difficulties so that I can make any modifications which are required.