Transport Exhibition at St Philip’s Church in Webheath

Local Historian Philip Jarvis invites you to take a step back in time, at St Philip’s Church in Webheath where an exhibition will show how transport in Redditch looked in the 1950s and 1960s.
The exhibition will be open as follows:
Saturday 12th May 10.30 to 5pm
Sunday 13th May 2pm to 5pm
Monday 14th May 10.30 to 8pm.
Tuesday 15th May 10.30 to 5pm.
The exhibition will include displays and photographs of the Railways, Royal Enfield Cycles and Motorcycles, Midland Red Buses, Coaches, Garages and Emergency Vehicles. These will be shown in model form and photographs.
On Saturday 12th May at 3pm There will be a presentation of the Changing Face of the Redditch Railway showing how the railway line from Barnt Green has changed since the edition of a loop line at Alvechurch station. This will include movie clips of the steam era in Redditch.
Admission £2.00 children £1.00.
(Image: A north bound freight train going through Redditch Station in 1962 – Source: Phil Jarvis)

New design for Visit Redditch website

I have now added my to the group of websites which I have updated with the new software which I am now using.

This is a complete rebuild and design which is more graphic based and has its emphasis on Redditch, rather than the surrounding area.

An advantage of this new software is that I can create a small screen version of the website at the same time as the standard.

Please let me know if you experience any difficulties so that I can make any modifications which are required.

Regency Birmingham – A history in maps of the 18th Century

In these two articles John Townley writes about the insights into the growth of Birmingham in the late 18th Century at a time when the population of the town expanded from about 42,000 in 1779 to more than 52,000 less than a decade later.

​Using these maps he shows how the town absorbed the surrounding fields, new streets were added, and canals were dug.

Update of Redditch Local History Website

As part of my campaign to update all the websites which I am responsible for, I have completely redesigned the Redditch Local History Society website

 from the bottom up.

The major changes are:

The major functions of the site can be found on the top menu.
There is a new update tab which mirrors the posts which are on my Redditch Local History Society Facebook page.
The site is designed both for standard and small screens, so that, when using a smartphone, the site automatically changes to a version suitable for small screens.
The site gives direct links to our newsletter, archives, meetings programme, updates and more.
The style is designed to be clean and easy to read.

Please let me know what your views are…
Anthony Green at

Back in Time for School – new TV series

The makers of BBC2’s hit series Back in Time for Tea are seeking West Midlands pupils and teachers for their next exciting time travelling adventure – Back in Time for School! If you’re a parent/guardian of a child in Year 9 or Year 10, or a teacher at any level of the profession, please go to and click on Take Part to find out more!


Welcome to my New Blog

Welcome to this new addition to the website. Here you will find news and updates related to y Redditch websites which are: