WW2 Document ‘Front Line Current’ Britannia Batteries.

We are approaching 75 years since we celebrated the end of war in Europe and plans were in place to have a celebration this year. Before coronavirus, these were in place to mark the event, both in the UK and our European colleagues, and the government changed the Early May Bank Holiday to the VE weekend of the 8 May.

However, now we have other, more pressing problems to consider, and the preferred method of contact is via the internet.

I have therefore been looking at my personal archives to see what I have which may be relevant to this situation and I have some documents produced by our local manufacturers which may be of some interest.

The first of these, and the smallest file size, is a document entitled ‘Front Line Current’ from Britannia Batteries which describes the activities in WW2. I have produced this as a ‘flip-book’ which you can download at http://www.alcadhistory.org.uk/extras.htm

If you have problems with this not working as a link, and I have found a problem with the link from the smartphone version then you can view directly at http://alcadhistory.org.uk/flipbook_front_line_current/mobile.html

I have more downloads which I plan, always subject to ‘problems’, before VE Day.